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Project Goals

AFSP Highlights and Goals

Launched in 2021, our Flagship Sustainability Project aims to translate the European Green Deal (EGD) to the adhesive tapes industry by: 

  1. Making available harmonized calculation methods for environmental impact of adhesive tapes,  

  1. Establishing best available techniques for the management of waste from adhesive tapes, and  

  1. Providing information to members on the impact of the EGD to the tape industry through links between Afera, the European Commission and other relevant stakeholders.

AFSP Workstreams and Stakeholders

To deliver on the project goals, three workstreams have been defined within AFSP, representing the entire adhesive tapes value chain including raw material suppliers, tape manufacturers and converters.

AFSP Workstreams and Stakeholders

AFSP Workspace (Members Only)

We have two ways to access the documents on the Workspace:

  • SharePoint site (you may encounter difficulties based on your company IT policies)
  • AFSP Workspace (be sure to log in with AFSP member credentials)

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