Afera Annual Conference 2018

Afera Annual Conference 2018

Focussing on “Innovation and digitisation in adhesive tape technology” and its impact on suppliers, sales channels, product development, converters, supply chains, business models, technology and the application process, Afera’s 61st Annual Conference took place 3-5 October 2018 at the Divani Apollon Palace & Thalasso in Athens, Greece. Over 3 days, participants experienced a cutting edge lecture programme, lively Q&A sessions, an exciting first edition of Tape Olympics team building, and stunning views and tastes of Greece.

The successful event brought together over 120 professionals from 14 European countries and the U.S., the best and brightest of the European and American tape industries. Afera active member company delegates made up 35% of attendees.

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Key takeaways of the event:
“How connected you are is how competitive you are.” Afera wants to be that connector.
“We cannot assume that tapes will just always be used.” We have no time to sit back and let it happen. We have to participate actively in building our future.
“Where there is harmony, there is no innovation.” Afera meetings are a podium for discussions, not just presentations.
“The best way to predict the future is to create it.” We always need to be in the driver’s seat, to be on top of trends and developments, and to be heard. In doing this, we ensure our continuing relevance.

Content for the 2018 Afera Annual Event

Renowned Oxford University economist predicts modest growth for European business

Expert economist Andrea Boltho was a first presenter at Afera’s Athens Conference beginning 3 October, delivering in exciting narrative and graphs his riveting, “relatively optimistic” predictions about Europe’s economy, which he said should continue to grow at a moderate pace for a number of years. Read

Afera sets new future-proof strategy for 2018-2025
Through the use of a dream- and nightmare scenario creation process, the incoming 7-Member Steering Committee has set the course for the Association’s mission, vision, goals and strategy for the next 5-7 years, as was reported by Melanie Lack, business manager of tapes and labels at H.B. Fuller. Read

Incoming Afera President Evert Smit shares his vision
Co-creation, co-operation, transparency, outward-looking, education and communication are the fundamentals of moving the Association forward. Read

Tape market is growing faster than GDP
“Specialty tapes are growing even stronger than commodity tapes, and we at tesa have set our targets accordingly,” reported Matthias von Schwerdtner while delivering his “Combined Global Market Update” curated from data provided by Afera’s Asian counterpart organisations at Afera’s 1st Global Tape Summit held in June. Read

Technical innovation, transparency and collaboration with suppliers to drive tape industry forward
Former Afera Technical Committee Chairman and incoming President Evert Smit treated Athens Conference participants to his technical view into the key tape industry trends of 2018, from increasing globalisation to developing alternatives to conventional bonding solutions.  Read

Afera holds 1st Tape Olympics in Athens

Our first edition of the Tape Olympics, an original, multifaceted team-building event Afera’s management team co-ordinated with a local events crew, was held following the Athens Conference working programme on 4 October.  Read

3M innovation programme “very robust”, based in customer-inspired, collaborative culture
What is the biggest key to the invention process for 3M’s future? Leveraging both internal and external innovation to be more agile in approaching the marketplace.  Read

Lowering your environmental regulatory risk hinges on timely research and engagement with the entire tape value chain
“In addition to having a clear understanding of the generic requirements applying to all industries and those specific to your product,” advised Afera Public Affairs Manager Mark Macaré, “tape manufacturers have to be in close contact with their suppliers and customers to ensure that everyone is on the same page about the exact application of the tape.”  Read

Marketing Committee Chairman Jacques Geijsen’s focus for 2019-2020
Afera’s Marketing Committee is composed of marketing and industry specialists with the mission to grow the tape market for all companies in the European adhesive tape value chain, including commodity and specialty tape manufacturers.  Read

The value and issues behind the drive toward digital transformation
SAP veteran Stano Simunek highlights the elements of the popular journey toward integrated data utilisation in today’s businesses.  Read 

Tape manufacturer and supplier experts debate innovation approaches
5 experts share their company perspectives on new collaborative models, innovation “DNA”, shared interests, servitisation and what large and small businesses can learn from each other.  Read 

Encoding tapes: “The value lies in this new data opportunity”
IoT industry specialist Andy Hobsbawm explains how tape and packaging can become the digital bridge between the physical product and cloud-powered real-time data and software possibilities.  Read 

Innovation in acrylic foam tapes from new idea to mass production
Olympic Bonding Solutions cofounder Ko Hermans discusses the new challenges and opportunities in automotive, solar, electronics and building & construction for tape manufacturers.  Read

Innovation: How looking danger in the eye drives business success
Former Google Zoo Head of Brand Strategy advises us on how to manage a culture of innovation in a company.  Read 


Afera’s most recent Annual Conferences

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 – “What is our next frontier?”
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