Marketing Committee Chairman Jacques Geijsen’s focus for 2019-2020

Jacques GeijsenAfera’s Marketing Committee (MKC) is composed of marketing and industry specialists with the mission to grow the tape market for all companies in the European adhesive tape value chain, including commodity and specialty tape manufacturers.

What’s new
I would like to consider 2019 as a new start: new values and new ways of doing things within the Association. As we laid out in our Steering Committee strategy session this year, we should challenge ourselves to raise the bar for ambition, quality and excellence. In addition to a sharper vision and mission, we have identified activities that contribute to our overarching objective: making the tape business future-proof.

Education awareness
Within our Education Awareness Working Group, I want to continue educating our future industry workforce through our initiative to embed adhesive tape technology in the educational curricula of mechanical engineers and product designers.

Content and engagement
Within our Marketing Communications and Annual Conference WGs, I intend to promote end-user awareness of application possibilities and environmental success stories about tapes by launching a YouTube video series and an annual Sustainability Award.Tape Olympics

Through the Annual Conference Programme WG, my goal is to improve networking opportunities in a neutral environment and launch more member engagement activities through social media channels.

As our members are the lifeblood of our association, I aim to see a renewed focus in the Member Recruitment WG on our activities, including more powerful messaging, a welcome package, and the registration of 10 new members annually.

What’s key
As the marketplace is dynamic and ever-changing, so too must Afera act in order to lead the way for the tape industry. The quality of the Association’s programmes is driven by our committees and working groups, which are composed of volunteers who are required to make an active contribution.

I will ensure that the MKC remains dynamic, focussed, up-to-date and edgy in carrying out Afera’s mission to unite stakeholders and ensure and increase the relevance of the tape industry now and in the future. This will include regular checks on whether our message reaches its intended audience.

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