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Collaboration is the cornerstone of achieving sustainable development. It not only accelerates progress and innovation but also breaks down barriers. The successful transition to a circular economy can be achieved through close cooperation with multiple partners within and outside the industry. This requires both:

  • Vertical collaboration with suppliers (upstream sector) and customers (downstream sector)
  • Horizontal collaboration with competitors, NGOs, industry associations, governments, etc.)

At Afera, we've witnessed the benefits of collaboration and co-creation within our Flagship Sustainability Project (AFSP) and are looking to go further in this journey. In line with this, the Advocacy Workstream of AFSP is focusing on fostering partnerships with external stakeholders across the adhesive tape value chain.

Adhesive tapes: Enablers of a sustainable future
Tapes are enablers of material efficiency, durability, repairability, upgradability, recycling and CO₂ reduction and can make an important contribution to achieving the goals of the European Green Deal. They play an important role in supporting downstream sectors in their journey towards sustainability. Key sectors such as packaging, construction, medical, and transportation, amongst others, are adopting innovative solutions to counter global energy and climate challenges. The demands from the customer-side to make this green transition can only be met through joint efforts across the value chain.

Mapping Afera’s stakeholder universe
At Afera, we already have connections with several associations. In addition to the regional tape associations across the globe (PSTC, CATIA, JATMA, TAAT), we have direct and indirect collaborations with organisations representing other industries relevant to the adhesive tape industry. These include IVK – the German Adhesives Association, FINAT – the international association for the European label industry, 4evergreen – a cross-industry alliance focused on driving the circularity of fibre-based packaging, IRLA – International release liner association amongst others.

In the interactive map* below, you will find the associations and groups in our stakeholder universe.

The objective is to stay updated with the changes that are happening in other industries and explore cooperation on common topics that can help drive sustainability and circularity.

*Click on any circle to get more information. The map will be updated at regular intervals to include the outcome of discussions within the advocacy workstream of AFSP.

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