Contact: Cassandre Ricolleau
243 rue de Chavanne
ZAC de Chavanne
69400 Arnas
+33 4 74 68 22 55


Bonding materials together

ADESIA develops, manufactures and commercialises high-performance adhesive tape solutions for industrial (automotive, general industry, construction) and medical applications. In over 4 decades of business, we have become one of Europe’s leading pressure-sensitive adhesives (PSA) producers, manufacturing all types of adhesive tapes (transfer, scrim, double-sided) by coating pure, modified acrylics and rubber glues which come as dispersions, solvents or hot melts. The Company was founded upon and has evolved around 3 core values: adaptability, honouring of commitments and reactivity. Our co-workers have shared these values since 1975 and put them into practice every day.

Innovation is also one of the key factors of our growth. ADESIA’s R&D team accompanies our clients in new product development, contributing their in-depth knowledge of adhesive fixing solutions. Every year, we invest more than 5% of total turnover in R&D. New products are developed in compliance with customer demands, market requirements and the latest technologies. Our laboratory is equipped with monitoring tools that have been specifically designed for adhesive tape testing. We measure the performance of our products very precisely and thus offer customised solutions directly in line with customer specifications. Over the past few years, ADESIA has developed a waste and sewage management policy to achieve better ecological integration and to help improve our environment.

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