Advance Tapes International Ltd

Advance Tapes International Ltd
Contact: Joanna Oleskow
2 Westmoreland Avenue
+44 116 25 1019

Advance Tapes International Ltd

Advance Tapes is a U.K.-based manufacturer of specialist pressure sensitive adhesive tapes, designed for professional markets such as construction, entertainments, automotive, agriculture, hevac or nuclear. Established in 1964, Advance has built up a formidable knowledge of the science of coating adhesives to various backing or carriers. As an independent manufacturer Advance has full control over every stage of the production process, from the formulation of specialist adhesives through to how the final product is formatted, converted and despatched. This capability provides Advance with the flexibility to offer customised products to suit specific customer requirements.

Advance Tapes manufactures an extensive range of adhesive tapes including cloth, PVC, PE, double sided and foil.

Specialties: cloth tapes, PVC tapes, polythene tapes, foil tapes, tape converting, cloth and filmic coating.

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