artimelt AG

artimelt AG
Contact: Christian Fischer
Wassermatte 1
CH-6210 Sursee
+41 41 9260-500

artimelt AG

Hot melt adhesives in a class of their own

artimelt is a specialist supplier of hot melt adhesives with unique properties specifically optimised to customer needs. Our R&D is just as unique as our expertise and experience.

Since entering the market in 1981, artimelt has established, continuously expanded and consolidated its position as one of the leading hot melt specialists. Today, our focus is entirely on manufacturing hot melt adhesives supported by extensive R&D and targeted and detailed expertise. We are able to produce solutions that have never existed before for medical and industrial applications due to our outstanding of R&D and our wide range of customer-specific solutions. Our customers rely on the uncompromising quality that is our trademark.

artimelt is a family-owned company with a relaxed personnel and management policy that leaves room for maneuver. Trust is a major priority.

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