BiesSse Tape Solutions SpA

BiesSse Tape Solutions SpA
Contact: Fiorenza Paoletti
Via Luigi Galvani 2/4
+39 02 9011 111

BiesSse Tape Solutions SpA

Established in 1978 by the Gatti family, BiesSse has developed steadily over the years thanks to the presence of a dynamic and highly qualified team. 3 generations over a 40-year history, a competent and strong management team, hundreds of products traded worldwide, new business segments, together with constant passion and engagement, have made BiesSse a solid leading international company.

The BiesSse group, which has been operating on the global market for over 40 years, specialises in the production and conversion of high-performing technical adhesive tapes. Over the years, BiesSse has established 3 separate operating divisions closely linked and complementing each other in order to be able to innovate the most challenging industrial processes by supporting customers in their search for the most suitable solutions complying with their requirements in integrated solutions:

  • Tape solutions: highly performing technical adhesive tapes for the most challenging industrial applications
  • Equipment solutions: cutting-edge proprietary equipment for adhesive tapes applications
  • Software solutions: multiplatform, user-friendly software supporting industrial automation

Thanks to our experience acquired over the years, deep industry expertise and on-going commitment in research and development, BiesSse is now active in many different markets through 2 distinctive companies operating in close synergy: BiesSse Tape Solutions S.p.A. and BiesSse Equipment Solutions S.r.l.

The BiesSse Tape production plant (covering an area of over 11,000 square metres) and the company’s Equipment manufacturing unit (over 2,000 sqm) are equipped with modern and advanced installations, in line with lean practices.

The BiesSse group, headquartered in Sedriano (Milan), operates worldwide through its subsidiaries in Austria, Brazil, China and Mexico, availing itself of a professional and strongly committed local workforce.
Our direct presence on the ground makes it possible to respond quickly and efficiently to customers’ demands and to ensure on-going assistance and support.

Specialties: Double-sided adhesive tapes

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