Technologic Tapes S.L.

Technologic Tapes S.L.
Contact: Sergi Miranda
C/Sant Celoni 54 Nave L6 P.I. Can Prat
08450 Llinars del Valles

Technologic Tapes S.L.

All right, let's ditch the snooze-fest business jargon.

Companies usually talk about their service and know-how in these descriptions. But everyone can
yammer on about their values, their years of experience and how many gizmos they have.

But that makes us all equal, and frankly, we’re anything but identical with other tape companies.

My team and I are sure about that.
We’re not here to be your run-of-the-mill supplier.

We’re not interested in that.

Our goal is to jazz up your tapes and security for your applications.
We need to have the conviction that when you collaborate with us, we provide you with maximum

Always with trust.
There’s nothing left without it.

If you’re looking for a partner that exceeds your expectations, hello.
With us, it's not just about products; it's about improving your efficiency and productivity, reducing
costs and optimising processes.

It’s about making your concerns, ours.

Contact us to talk about adhesive tape applications, to laminate any type of material, to die-cut
adhesives and improve your productivity or to analyse any type of product that requires an adhesive.

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