Ve-Ge Fine Paper and Adhesive Tape Co.

Ve-Ge Fine Paper and Adhesive Tape Co.
Contact: Alkan Celik
Ulucak Beldesi Istiklal Mahallesi 5.
socak No: 6 KEMALPASA
T 35170 IZMIR
+90 232 877 0356

Ve-Ge Fine Paper and Adhesive Tape Co.

Ve-Ge Tape is a leading manufacturer of adhesive tapes and paper. Our production dates back to 1965. We have a very wide range of products including:

•    Packaging tapes (hot melt, water-based acrylic and solvent-based natural rubber)
•    Protective tapes
•    Masking tapes
•    Double-sided and mounting tapes
•    PET, PE, PVC and duct tapes
•    Cellulose, aluminium tapes, etc.
•    Industrial and technical tapes
•    Plate-mounting tapes
•    Copy paper
•    Offset-printing paper.

Our experience and co-operation with leading companies in the sector have allowed Ve-Ge to establish itself as a reliable partner and to gain the trust of many customers worldwide. 

Our headquarters are based in Istanbul, and our production facility is in Izmir. Ve-Ge had a production capacity of more than 500 million m² of PSA tapes per year until 2017 (hot melt 200 million m², water-based acrylic 150 million m², solvent-based natural rubber 100 million m², and other products, such as silicon or thermal paper coatings 50 million m². With our new investments in 2017, our new production plant gives us an additional coating capacity of approx. 650 million m², including 350 million m² of solvent-based natural rubber production capacity and 300 million m² of impregnation capacity.

Our 200 million m² slitting capacity has doubled after new investments. It is equipped with 7 coating lines, 15 slitting machines + packaging alternatives, 2 printing lines (6/8 colour), 1 co-extrusion PE film, 1 lamination machine, and additionally, converting, paper-core making and cutting machines, etc. The total area of our current production facility is approx. 128.000 m².

Continuing our leadership in the adhesive tapes and paper sectors, Ve-Ge is constantly renewing and developing the products and technologies that make a difference at our R&D-oriented Technology Centre. Thus, Ve-Ge offers more environmentally friendly, functional and economical products through rapidly improving our targeted quality and production costs, and we carry out these processes within an organic structure. The Company tries to strengthen our approach to sustainability in production by promoting in-house entrepreneurship and sustainability, design-oriented thinking techniques, an advanced digital R&D infrastructure, and accelerating the transition from idea to product and from product to market.

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