What is your ROI as a converter?

Diagram Afera Converters

  • Enjoy an unbiased forum where you can engage with like-minded firms to share market knowledge and enhance appreciation of your unique value to the markets’ end-user customers
  • Discuss with your contemporaries in a non-competitive atmosphere new and different market opportunities and how to strengthen your business position
  • Increase your contact with best-in-class adhesive tape companies through events and Committee work
  • Gain access to Member and events attendee contact information
  • Become part of a defined, productive group dedicated to raising the profile of the capabilities of the converter of adhesive tapes.

“Since 1998, our company’s main focus has been on converting single- and double-sided tapes from 2 major European manufacturers. Egebant also buys jumbo rolls which we covert under our own labels Egebant and Sander. After joining Afera, Egebant’s knowledge of the adhesive tape industry and our network greatly improved. We started to follow the tape world much better and found new suppliers. It affected our business very positively. My favourite aspect of being part of Afera is convening with the leading actors of the European tape industry, something of great value to us. Attending the Annual Conference is very important to me as the manager of my company, but I am planning to have more employees from Egebant, especially my quality team and technical sales engineers, join Afera’s upcoming Technical Seminar and Tape College.” Read more

İbrahim Hatipoğlu, General Manager, Egebant Zımpara ve Polisaj Malzemeleri San. ve Tic. A.Ş.



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