What is your ROI as a European national tape association?


  • Connect yourself with the only pan-European organisation dedicated to representing the entire adhesive tape industry value chain
  • Network with important innovators and decision-makers—all the key players of the adhesive tape industry—in a neutral environment
  • Gain access to European-level institutions, experts groups, NGOs and organisations in adjacent technologies, such as the European Commission, European Parliament, European Chemicals Agency (ECHA), European Paper Recovery Council (EPRC), European Self-Adhesive Label Association (FINAT), European UV/EB Curing Technology Association (RadTech Europe), European Chemical Industry Council (Cefic) and European Platform for Chemicals Using Manufacturing Industries (CheMI)
  • Play an important part in Afera’s programmes such as Sustainability and Next-Level Test Methods
  • Gauge your knowledge of and perspective on current technologies and market demands within greater Europe by interacting with a true cross-section of the adhesive tape value chain
  • Learn the latest on tape industry market and technical developments at Afera’s Annual Conference, Technical Seminar, Tape College, and Committee and Working Group Meetings
  • Use Afera’s platform as a sounding board for discussing national standards and regulations, hot topics and trends, problems and other areas of shared interest.

“Located in Düsseldorf, IVK safeguards the technical, political and economic interests of more than 150 German adhesives, tapes and raw materials manufacturers, as well as important system partners and scientific institutes. My favourite aspect of Afera Membership is the connection to the European tape manufacturer and raw material supplier ‘scene’ and family. It is also really important to safeguard the technical, political and economic interests of German adhesive tape manufacturers at the European level. It is an opportunity to connect the world of adhesives (FEICA) with the world of adhesive tapes (Afera), and a chance to create synergies.” Read more

Axel Hessland, Managing Director of Technical Affairs, IVK, The German Adhesives Association


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