What is your ROI as a research institution or university?

  • Connect yourself with the only European organisation dedicated to representing the entire adhesive tape industry value chain
  • Network with important innovators and decision-makers—all the key players of the adhesive tape industry—in a neutral environment
  • Play an important part in Afera’s programmes such as Sustainability and Next-Level Test Methods
  • Gauge your knowledge of and perspective on current technologies and market demands by interacting with a true cross-section of the adhesive tape value chain
  • Learn the latest on tape industry technical developments at Afera’s Annual Conference, Technical Seminar, Tape College, and Committee and Working Group Meetings
  • Use Afera’s platform as a sounding board for discussing hot topics and trends, R&D, problems and other areas of shared interest.

“Located in Bremen, the Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Technology and Advanced Materials (IFAM) is a research organisation involved in the qualification of adhesive tapes for new technical application and development of formulations of new pressure sensitive adhesives (PSAs). I first learned about Afera back when I was a student interning at a company that produced self-adhesive films. In the laboratory, I tested production samples according to Afera TM 5001. Then, once participating in Afera, I expanded my European view on the tape business. Through Afera I have met a lot of new potential customers and worked on many interesting projects with other Members—most recently the Loop Tack TM—and personally I have come into contact with really interesting people and useful information about adhesive tapes.” Read more

Uwe Maurieschat, Adhesive Engineer, Fraunhofer IFAM


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