What is your ROI as a supplier?


  • Join the only network reaching all players in the European adhesive tape industry
  • Participate in meetings and events to learn the latest issues and technical developments driving tape manufacturers and their markets
  • Get to know more about your customers and colleagues’ businesses by working closely with Member company delegates on the Technical and Marketing Committees
  • Learn about and participate in European regulatory legislation and processes that affect your products and/or your customers’ products
  • Gain access to Member and events attendee contact information
  • Share your company news with Afera members through our website, LinkedIn and Twitter accounts.


“My company mainly supplies solvent-based acrylics, solvent-based rubbers and hot melts to the adhesive tape industry. With these products, we cover a wide range of applications, from automotive, building construction and special masking tapes to protective films. In addition to providing an excellent networking platform, the Association offers forums like conferences and the digital newsletter so that we can both learn from the Industry and raise awareness of our company and its capabilities. The work that Afera has done in harmonising test methods at European and global levels also helps us carry out our business, as it does all Members.” Read more

Melanie Ott, Global Business Manager of Tapes and Labels, H.B. Fuller


“With its Netherlands operation based in Apeldoorn, Loparex B.V. is a world leader in the production of release liners for a wide variety of applications. Since joining and participating actively in Afera’s projects and events, we have developed a greater understanding of the tapes industry as a whole and gained easy access to key players across Europe and even in Asia and the U.S. Within Afera, there is a careful level of openness which gives you the opportunity to sound out an idea or initiate a project or collaboration with a supplier or customer. Furthermore, Afera helps us to steer away from regulatory disasters, keeping us informed of the changes to come and how to keep up with them, and challenging them when necessary.” Read more

Ian Grace, Global Trend and Tech Scout, Loparex B.V.

 “Ahlstrom has produced backings for the tape market since the eighties. As a participant at the Association’s first industry meetings and events, my company considers Afera as an important platform for our tape and former release liner businesses. Being part of Afera helps us to understand the market, create new business opportunities and meet customers.  We are present at most of Afera’s events, where we enjoy learning about the latest technical developments and market trends. At Afera’s Technical Committee meetings, I gain interesting information and perspectives from the members that help us to understand the value drivers for the tape markets Ahlstrom is active in.”

Jean-Philippe Ponté, Product Manager Tape, Ahlstrom Specialties SAS



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