Adhesive tape manufacturers

In the production of solutions for industry, professional craftsmen, and consumers, tape manufacturers formulate both adhesives and the carriers on which they coat the adhesives. Independent manufacturers routinely have complete control over every stage in their operations, advising on solutions development from the design phase and adhesive manufacturing through to process integration. In some cases, manufacturers convert the finished products before they are dispatched.

Afera tape manufacturers pride themselves in understanding exact customer requirements and work hard to deliver customised services and the best possible solutions. Manufacturers will work with you to make sure that their products are suitable for each end use. These range from standard tapes used in consumer, office, and DIY segments, to adhesive tapes conforming to the highly demanding specifications required by the electronics, automotive, medical, construction, nuclear, and military specialist industries.

Find an adhesive tape manufacturer in Afera’s member directory here.

Afera’s active members include all adhesive tape manufacturers with coating facilities within Europe and their non-coating European subsidiaries. All members are entitled to attend the General Assembly, which takes place during the Annual Conference in October. Only active members have voting rights and are eligible for membership of the Steering Committee.

To learn more about member classes and admission, download Afera’s association statutes here.


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