Adhesive tape raw materials, machine and packaging suppliers

The adhesive tape value chain includes suppliers of the raw materials, machines and packaging materials that are used to manufacture adhesive tape. 

Afera machine suppliers provide the specialised machines with which manufacturers produce adhesive tape products and solutions. They pride themselves in providing high performance, competitively priced equipment. 

Raw materials suppliers deliver the chemicals and components used to manufacture adhesive tape products, including petroleum, petroleum by-products, natural rubber, acrylic resins, silicone rubber, dispersions, polymers, solvents and other chemicals. Because of fluctuating demand, supply, and market prices, Afera raw materials suppliers maintain close partnerships with tape manufacturers to ensure the quality, timeliness, and price of their products.

Packaging suppliers provide the paper, corrugated paper and filmic materials used in the manufacturing of adhesive tape products and solutions. These include tubes and cores, cartons, labels, shrink wrapping, plastic formed parts, papers and films for interleaving, protection and transportation of technical tape materials.

Find an adhesive tape raw materials-, machine- or packaging supplier in Afera’s member directory here.

Afera’s associated members
include all suppliers to the adhesive tape industry. Membership is subject to approval by the General Assembly on the proposal of the Steering Committee. All members are entitled to attend the General Assembly, which takes place during the Annual Conference in October. Only active members have voting rights and are eligible for membership of the Steering Committee.

To learn more about member classes and admission, download Afera’s association statutes here.

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