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Ever thought of making it with tape? Tablets, cars, even buildings...

Duct tape, masking tape, surface protection tape, electrical tape, reflective tape, packaging tape, tamper evident tape, medical grade tapes, repositionable tapes—these are just a few of the broad range of commodity and specialty adhesive tapes used in today’s industry and professional markets, DIY projects, office, household, and personal care.

What you may not know is that tape provides a bond which is being used in a new generation of producing, assembling and constructing items such as electronic devices, automobiles, and even buildings. The range of possibilities for using tape in products and industries is literally endless. 

Here Afera explores where the buzz about tape is and where it may end up. Check in on our blog regularly, and contact Afera blogger
Jacques Geluk with issues about tape you would like to see explored. If you have questions about an industry-specific solution, please feel free to contact our members.

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