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Experienced CEO and sales executive of leading European sustainable packaging tapes and films companies seeks new challenge within the tapes industry

Posted on: A managing director with extensive sales experience within German natural rubber adhesive packaging tapes and sustainable plastic packaging films companies, is seeking a new position leading a company within the adhesive tapes value chain.

Afera to bring “Taping Our Future” annual conference for European adhesive tape industry to Thessaloniki, Greece, in September

Posted on: Programme to focus in on packaging, commodity and specialty tapes

Mr. Miguel Arnedo Cortijo, founder of MIARCO, has passed away

Posted on: The Valencian entrepreneur Mr. Miguel Arnedo Cortijo, founder and president of the Valencian company MIARCO, passed away on Monday, April 8th, at the age of 83.

Bonding with ASI Podcast: UV HMPSA evolution - from novelty to specialty PSA of choice

Posted on: This podcast details why UV HMPSAs no longer primarily serve only the GPP label market and what three key drivers caused them to now provide better efficiency, sustainability and performance than legacy options for an increasing number of specialty PSA applications.

From packaging to fashion statement: Balenciaga unveils the tape bracelet

Posted on: Balenciaga once again rides the wave of uselessness with its new "tape bracelet" which looks in every way like a roll of scotch tape with the brand imprinted on the bottom

Adhesive tape industry reacts to successful 11th Afera Tape College

Posted on: Munich learning event about adhesive tape technology brought together newcomers from entire tape value chain for critical B2B information, face time and Afera committee meetings

Orlando welcomes industry professionals for PSTC’s Tape Week 2024

Posted on: The premier event for professionals in the PSA tape industry, Tape Week 2024 is taking place April 29 to May 2, 2024, at the Hilton Orlando.

3M floppy disks were an evolution of adhesive tape technology

Posted on: 3M, a chemical company known for products such as adhesives and Post-it notes, also once produced floppy disks. The technology media IEEE Spectrum explains the history of 3M floppy disks.

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