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Reversible adhesive: recycling of water-based adhesive achieved by changing pH

Posted on: A research team has developed a reversible, water-based glue that has good adhesion in the neutral pH range, but can be detached again in strongly acidic or alkaline environments.

Saint-Gobain Tape Solutions: customisable solutions for battery pack thermal runaway propagation protection

Posted on: The electrification of passenger vehicles is predicted to achieve mass-market dominance by the mid-2030s.

Shurtape Technologies is winner of OH&S 15th Annual New Product of the Year Contest: BR Code™ scannable solutions

Posted on: OH&S recognizes the companies that delivered especially noteworthy products this year.

Transfer tapes: a versatile solution for precision adhesion

Posted on: Transfer tapes, often referred to as adhesive transfer tapes, play a crucial role in a wide range of industries where precision adhesion is required.

UPM Specialty Papers and Lohmann promote design for recycling in the tape industry

Posted on: UPM Specialty Papers and adhesive tape specialist Lohmann have partnered to promote recycling of paper liners in the tape industry.

Spotlight on New Afera Converter Member ADDEV Materials, which has recently incorporated Parafix

Posted on: Parafix’s Mike Punter and ADDEV Materials’ Marie Blanchard Brunel share their take on combining two European converting companies, as well as business evolution, market trends and the value of Afera Membership

Adhesive solutions for e-mobility applications

Posted on: Adhesive tape offers a variety of solutions in the design and manufacturing of electric vehicles, including insulation, mounting and bonding, and thermal interfaces.

Afera, IVK & Sphera collaborate to create web-based PCF calculation tool

Posted on: Afera and German Adhesives Association IVK are collaborating with Sphera, a specialized provider of sustainability consulting services, to develop a web-based, sector-wide tool for Product Carbon Footprint (PCF) calculation of both adhesives and adhesive tapes.

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