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Bridge with cable tape

Posted on: The Merwede Bridge is being reinforced with tape to prevent rust formation. The Merwede Bridge is the first place where the method of reinforcing it with cable tape is applied in the Netherlands.

Adhesive and sealant technologies for masking tapes solve some of the painting industry’s peskiest problems

Posted on: As new paint technology comes on the market, manufacturers of painter’s tapes are developing more targeted adhesives and sealants that create clean lines while solving issues associated with masking rough or difficult-to-stick-to surfaces.

Synthomer: could this fallen angel be turning a corner?

Posted on: Synthomer is a chemicals company based in Essex. The company isn’t a household name, but its products go into many of the things we use today as coatings, adhesives and have applications in healthcare and construction.

Foam Expo Europe a hub for technical foam professionals

Posted on: The largest European event dedicated to the technical foam industry includes co-located shows addressing bonding and thermal management technologies.

Scientists used chemistry to break lignin’s networked molecules down into their subunits and make tape adhesive

Posted on: Trees don’t have bones — they get their strength from a polymer called lignin. This sturdy substance adds rigidity to trees and other plants. It also helps plants conduct water from their roots to their leaves.

tesa opens new site in Vietnam

Posted on: Tesa officially has opened its new site in the Vietnamese port city of Haiphong. The new site is part of the comany’s strategic orientation to regionalize production.

EU abandons promise to ban toxic chemicals in consumer products

Posted on: Exclusive: Plan to outlaw all but the most vital of harmful chemicals is not included in leaked policy proposals

Duct tape can fix anything—even DNA sequencing experiments

Posted on: Light sensitivity of nanopore devices puzzles sequencing community, invites DIY fixes

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