Afera Releases New Guidance Paper: ISCC PLUS Certification for Tapes

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Afera Releases New Guidance Paper: ISCC PLUS Certification for Tapes

Afera, the European adhesive tape association, has released a guidance paper on ISCC PLUS Certification for adhesive tapes as part of the work undertaken by the Advocacy Workstream of Afera’s Flagship Sustainability Project (AFSP). The document aims to provide guidance to Afera members to enable them to demonstrate the sustainability and circularity of their adhesive tape products.

Reducing the consumption of fossil feedstock is an important tenet of a low-carbon circular economy. To support this transition, the industry is moving towards sustainable alternatives like recycled and bio-based feedstocks. With the ISCC PLUS Certification approach, companies along the complete value chain can demonstrate transparency and traceability, and compliance with social and ecological requirements.

The guidance paper will be useful for those involved in either new adhesive tape product development or in the re-certification of existing tapes. This certification covers both, the production process and the product and is a means to prove that high requirements of sustainability are met.

Citing the guidance paper , Pablo Englebienne, Regulatory Affairs Manager at Afera says, “the chemical industry in Europe is increasingly following the ISCC PLUS certification approach with chain of custody options like mass balance approach to reach the goals of Circular economy action plan in European Green deal. And therefore, within AFSP we prioritised the development of a guidance document for adhesive tape manufacturers and component suppliers.”

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About Afera Flagship Sustainability Project (AFSP)

Launched in 2021, Afera Flagship Sustainability Project (AFSP) aims to translate the European Green Deal (EGD) to the adhesive tapes industry. AFSP aims to make harmonized calculation methods available for evaluating the environmental impact of adhesive tapes, establish the best available techniques for the management of waste from adhesive tapes, and provide information to members on the impact of the European Green Deal on the tape industry through links between Afera, the European Commission and other relevant stakeholders.

About Afera

Afera consists of 120 members in 20 different countries, uniting the decision-makers and creative minds of the European tape value chain in a total commitment to making the adhesive tape industry future-proof. As a non-profit organisation, Afera provides a medium for tape trade expertise in order


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