9 March 2023

Another standardisation milestone for 2023: Afera to hold Global Tape Forum pre-events before 10th Technical Seminar in Brussels

2023 Pre-Meeting

Late last year Afera’s leadership announced our hosting of a joint, preparatory Global Tape Forum (GTF) and Global Test Methods Committee (GTMC) Meeting in 2023, ahead of the 8th official international events planned for China in 2024. The 7th pre-Meeting will take place at the Brussels Marriott Hotel in Brussels, Belgium, right before Afera’s 10th Technical Seminar from 17 to 19 April.

GTF Members will kick off their time together with drinks and dinner on the evening of 16 April. The following morning, they will meet from 9h to 12h in a gathering chaired by Reinhard Storbeck, Afera Technical Committee chairman and director of R&D at tesa SE. The Meeting agenda is set to begin with a review of Competition Law Compliance and introductions of participants from each of 5 global regions and countries. Then the body will discuss Afera’s new release of the Afera Test Methods Manual, Afera’s new Dynamic Shear Test Method, other GTF Test Methods and related areas for improvement, and lastly, possible agenda items for the 2024 GTF and GTMC Meetings in China.

GTF Members and participants

GTF Membership includes Afera, CATIA (The China Adhesives and Tape Industry Association), JATMA (The Japanese Adhesive Tapes Manufacturers Association), PSTC (The Pressure Sensitive Tape Council, North America) and TAAT (The Taiwan Regional Association of Adhesive Tape Manufacturers). Participation in the 16-17 April events will include Hu Yang (CATIA), Kensei Takahashi and Akiyoshi Masuda (JATMA), Dr. Wu and Dr. Lin (TAAT), Michel Merkx (PSTC), and Evert Smit, Reinhard Storbeck, Karsten Seitz, Anne-Marie Klink, Astrid Lejeune and Bathsheba Fulton (Afera).

The GTF events themselves are closed, but to obtain more information about the Members and proceedings, please contact the GTF Secretariat here. TechSem participants will be able to interact with GTF attendees throughout the days following.