7 April 2021

Afera President is set to speak at ISGATEC’s newly created online forum on adhesive tapes for industrial applications, 8-9 June 2021, 9-13.00 CET

Anyone who judges adhesive tapes on the basis of experience of private use underestimates the potential of this joining technology for industrial applications.

Going beyond adhesives, sealants and polymers
Last fall, Fabrizio Humpert, application technology and technical sales manager at VITO Irmen GmbH & Co. KG, spoke about industrial tapes at one of ISGATEC’s quarterly forums about adhesives, and the rest is history. The audience of primarily engineers, purchasers, and quality and production managers reacted with so much interest that ISGATEC crafted a new event focussed on adhesive tape for industrial applications to be launched in June. In addition to Mr. Humpert, Afera President Evert Smit was recruited to speak about the scope of possibilities for tapes in industrial applications. 

“Adhesive tapes already make product innovation possible in many applications and industries,” said Holger Best, content manager and partner at ISGATEC GmbH. “These possibilities are not widely known, and this is exactly where this online forum comes in, with its range of topics spanning from technology to project planning to practice.” 

ISGATEC: a knowledge platform and network
Established in 2002 and based in Mannheim, ISGATEC GmbH (International Sealing, Gasket and Adhesive Technology) promotes knowledge transfer, training and networking among decision-makers in the fields of sealing, adhesives and polymers with media such as the German-language technical magazine DICHT!, the JAHRBUCH Dichten. Kleben. Polymer., the newsletter [i] ISGATEC Impulse, the Academy and isgatec.com. With a team working on an interdisciplinary basis combining specialist competence, industry, media and marketing knowhow, they “create spaces for new perspectives” on practical relevance with services, expertise and an extended network of speakers, authors, consultants, service providers and a community of more than 56,000 contacts in focussed technical market segments. “Our knowledge management offers specialists from construction and development, purchasing, quality management, production, manufacturing, and maintenance across all industries the relevant information and quick contacts they need to meet their challenges,” added Mr. Best. “DICHT!’s extremely focussed readership of about 15,000, for example, consists of only those engineers, purchasers, and quality, production and maintenance managers who deal with adhesives, sealants and polymers and would actually use tapes.” Most of the solutions discussed and written about in ISGATEC media cannot be bought in shops; they are the result of a dialogue with supplier specialists. 

Tapes: an underestimated adhesive technology
The aim of this online event in particular is to offer engineers, as well as employees from purchasing, production, quality assurance and maintenance, a practical overview of an underestimated adhesive technology. With knowledge of the possibilities of adhesive tapes, many challenges today can be met cleverly, economically and safely. The 10 scheduled speakers are set to cover topics ranging from DIN 2304’s application to tapes, comparisons between tapes and other bonding methods, and methods of improving adhesion to application possibilities and requirements.

“Adhesive tapes for industrial applications – Technology. Potential. Practise.” will take place on 8 and 9 June 2021 from 9-13h CEST, is expected to draw about 50 participants and will be conducted in German. Registration is available here.