30 August 2022

Executive Director of European packaging company seeking new challenge


The head of a Europe-based packaging company is seeking a new leadership challenge in the adhesive tape industry. With 12 years of experience in the tapes and packaging industry and higher degrees from universities in the U.S. and Turkey, this individual is open to relocation to a fitting position within Europe, North America or beyond.

“Since graduating in finance with minor in MIS, I have been engaged in managing production and directing the entire tape business for an SME which specialises in packaging machinery and adhesive tapes, creating a company structure and environment eligible to become publicly traded,” the candidate says. “I also have more than 8 years’ experience on the board of directors.” With an MBA focusing on operational synergy across various departments within a company, he feels ready for another opportunity.

Enquiries should be directed to Astrid Lejeune via mail@afera.com or +31 70 312 39 16.