14 September 2022

Foresight and futures intelligence in a business setting

Using Afera Member Company survey results, the founder and CEO of FIBRES, creator of a software tool for building your own futures intelligence discusses how this can work well for tape-related companies

Today’s world is volatile and fast-changing. It is hard to keep track of developments shaping the future of your business environment. One basis for taking decisions today, however, is our understanding of how the business environment may be developing in the future. At Afera’s upcoming Annual Conference themed “The Shape of Tape in 2030”, Panu Kause, founder and CEO of FIBRES Online, will speak about futures intelligence and its use for business strategy.

What is FIBRES?

FIBRES is a software tool for building your own futures intelligence. The tool helps you make sense of your changing operating environment, identify new opportunities and risks, and use such new insights for making forward-looking business decisions. You can build your own trend radars and make sense of your future business environment yourself—continuously—together with your team.

The tool combines simple features with automation and advanced language technologies. This makes the collection, discussion, sense-making and summarisation of future topics easy both for small teams and large user bases. FIBRES is used by major corporations such as Aurecon Australasia, Mercedes-Benz and Bupa Healthcare (U.K.) in their strategic planning, innovation and risk management efforts.

What do the happy ones do differently?

Mr. Kause’s keynote focuses on the best practices of building a continuous foresight and futures intelligence activity in a business setting. The presentation will build on years of practical experience from many corporate environments and on the results from focused practitioner surveys.

Drawing on the recent survey of Afera Member Companies

During the session, Mr. Kause will also use the output from the survey he built for and conducted with Afera Members in June and July. The Survey results offer understanding of how our Member Companies collect, make sense of and use inputs related to possible future developments of their business environments. Expect to learn more about

  • What organisations that are happy with their foresight efforts do differently
  • The common denominators of successful foresight roles and responsibilities
  • How to ramp up a successful futures intelligence operation inside a corporation.

Mr. Kause’s presentation “Organising for foresight: What do the happy ones do differently?” will take place on Day 2 of Afera’s 65th Annual Conference: 30 September at 9.15 CEST in Conference Room Zeus at Hotel Las Arenas Balneario Resort in Valencia, Spain. Learn more and register here.

Visit www.fibresonline.com for further information.