23 September 2019

Fraunhofer Austria Research invites Afera Members to participate in E.U. innovation project on quality control in smart manufacturing


The Invitation
Fraunhofer Austria Research (FhA) is preparing a strong E.U. proposal for a project within the field of predictive/prescriptive quality and is looking for manufacturers who would like to join. The Project focuses on innovation in quality control in smart manufacturing, specifically application, testing, optimisation and validation within the research programme E.U. Horizon 2020: Digitising and transforming European industry and services (D.T.) and Factories of the future (FOF) (see page 68).

The Project
In the area of prescriptive quality analytics and control, the premise of the Project is that Digital Twin & Machine Learning enables quality monitoring, control and optimisation. The Project volume is €8-10 million to be distributed according to the workload of research, technology and applications partners. Targeted KPIs will include project quality, production performance, process stability, equipment productivity, rapid error localisation, production amount and quality deviations, time-to-market, ramp-up time, scrap percentage, waste and by-products and CO² emissions.

Complete details and contact information
The invitation has been extended to Afera Members. The application deadline is 5 February 2020. See FhA’s slide presentation for complete participation details, including FhA contact information.