30 January 2023

ICHEMCO SRL achieved a “zero waste” production system for the Release K powder range, participating to the Tech Fast initiative promoted by Regione Lombardia in Italy

Providing the highest level of service to our customers has always been a top priority mission for Ichemco.

In addition to the well-known attention to the quality of our products and the ability to tailormade them to customer’s needs, we are highly focused on the sustainability of our processes and goods. This leads us to be constantly committed to updating our production technologies, keeping up with the times and minimizing our impact on the environment.

The perfect example is our Release K powder product range: starting from an already highly technological and low-impact production cycle, we invested to achieve a “zero waste” production system. Ichemco centered the goal, completely eliminating the waste of dangerous substances, highly impacting on the environment, and at the same time limiting the water consumption of the plant. In year 2022, our economical and human commitment efforts allowed to save 12.000 liters of water per month and to have absolute null production of wastes, achieving an average 10000 kg/month reduction of dangerous waste.

Thanks to engineering and research, we transformed a great idea into a real innovation process, boosting ourselves up in the circular economy era. We were able to achieve this goal in such a short time also thanks to specific financial fundings provided by various public entities. For this investment, among others, Ichemco decided to participate to the Tech Fast initiative promoted by Regione Lombardia in Italy.