18 December 2020

Ansgar van Halteren, general manager and board member of IVK, the German Adhesives Association, has announced his retirement at the end of 2020 after a career there spanning almost 4 decades. After successfully completing his studies in business administration, Mr. Van Halteren, now 63, joined IVK as assistant to the general manager in 1983. He was appointed managing director in 1992 and a member of the board in 2002. During his time with IVK, Mr. Van Halteren was responsible for the activities of one of the world’s largest national adhesives organisations, with currently 145 member companies and a domestic industry annual turnover of more than €4 billion.

“A long-time Affiliated Member of Afera, IVK has been a solid partner and participant in Afera activities and programmes under the leadership of Ansgar,” commented Evert Smit, President of Afera and Director Scouting at Lohmann GmbH & Co. KG. “We congratulate him on his successful career and wish him happiness and good health in his retirement. Furthermore, we look forward to working closely with his successor, Dr. Vera Haye.”

During his tenure, Mr. Van Halteren drove the systematic development and expansion of IVK into an interdisciplinary, 360-degree communication platform for adhesive bonding technology. In doing so, one of his primary goals was establishing close co-operation between research and industry. Because of his commitment, IVK is today considered the largest adhesives association in Germany, as well as in the global competitive environment. In terms of its service portfolio, IVK is also considered the world's leading national association in the field of adhesive bonding technology. Previously 96, the association’s membership has grown 47% during Mr. Van Halteren's terms of office.

“The beneficial potential of adhesive bonding technology, which never fails to fascinate me, as well as the close bonds I have formed with people from the adhesives industry, who think and act most innovatively, have always been the driving force behind my commitment to IVK,” Mr. Van Halteren told members and colleagues in a recent email. “Together we have succeeded in positioning adhesives within industry and public perception according to their significance as value-adding and system-relevant key technologies.”

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