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RIP, invisible lanes: new lane marking tape mandate

Posted on: Earlier this month, Utah Gov. Spencer Cox and the good people at the Utah Department of Transportation announced plans to improve lane striping on Utah freeways.

Everyday adhesive analysis: ATR-FTIR spectroscopy for routine measurements

Posted on: Adhesives are a vital component of a diverse range of manufactured goods and have the potential to create new and demanding designs while enjoying universal employment across a wide array of consumer and industrial domains.

Vermont startup joins partnership to commercialise recyclable perovskite solar cells utilising tape

Posted on: Verde Technologies is partnering with NREL and Northern Illinois University on developing new manufacturing techniques for producing stable, safe, low-cost and recyclable perovskite solar cells.

Lohmann: bonding with sustainability

Posted on: Lohmann, the German high-tech adhesive tape specialist, is renowned for its multifunctionaL bonding solutions for various industries and applications.

tesa debuts recyclable paper-based tear tape

Posted on: When designing recyclable paper-based shipping boxes and envelopes, there’s one piece of the package that is easy to overlook — the adhesive tapes used to close, reinforce, and open the package

EYE on NPI: 3M’s RP+ VHB™ Tapes

Posted on: This week’s EYE on NPI (video) is going to stick around for a long time: it’s 3M’s RP+ VHB™ Tapes, the latest version of the 3M VHB family that has been solving ‘how to stick this to that’ for over 40 years.

Tiny spheres hiding in your display: How tape makes your display screen work

Posted on: Liquid crystal and Organic LED displays have revolutionized portable computing. They’re also made of glass.

Transistor can adhere to internal organs like tape

Posted on: UChicago researchers’ design makes stable, suture-free medical monitoring in body possible

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