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New product: skin-friendly, harmless, silicone-free – artimeltlowtrauma

Posted on: The delicate skin of a newborn baby, the parchment-like epidermis found in the elderly, the vulnerability of an eyelid, the challenges of fixing a catheter in place, the care required when treating pressure sores – these are all situations in which the quality of an adhesive plaster or tape takes on particular importance.

PSAs: additives, polymer and application trends

Posted on: Pressure sensitive adhesives, when in the dry state, are aggressively tacky at room temperature and possess a high degree of "quick stick" or initial grab.

Sticky UV-sensitive tape makes 2D material transfers easier

Posted on: A new type of sticky tape that is sensitive to ultraviolet light makes it easier and cheaper to transfer two-dimensional materials like graphene onto different surfaces.

Avery Dennison Performance Tapes Launches New Portfolio

Posted on: Avery Dennison Performance Tapes introduced a new portfolio of pressure-sensitive-adhesive (PSA) tape solutions for the appliance industry.

Spotlight on new Afera textile Supplier Member Teixits Torné SL

Posted on: Torné Grup CEO Eli Torné discusses manufacturing cotton gauze for industrial use, supplying fabrics and reinforcement gauzes for tape backings for nearly 30 years, and the importance of becoming an Afera Member.

11th Afera Tape College organised and chaired by field experts from tesa, Lohmann, Nitto, Organik Kimya, Coroplast Fritz Müller, DRT and artimelt

Posted on: Biennial technical event will teach Industry professionals about all aspects of tapes: selection, manufacture, conversion, application, testing, sustainability and E.U. regulation

Seasoned sales and marketing executive in the B2B technical textiles and fashion industry seeks new challenge

Posted on: A sales and marketing executive in the B2B technical textiles and fashion industry, with strong international experience and P/L responsibilities, is seeking a position as sales director for a leading multi- or internationally oriented company, which is looking to develop its European and North American markets.

Afera President to speak at AWA Global Release Liner Industry Conference & Exhibition

Posted on: Afera Members receive 15% off registration fee to the event set to take place 20-22 March 2024 in Amsterdam

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