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Self-adhesive tape surface preparation and application guide

Posted on: Surface contact is major to cement execution while holding pressure-delicate glues, thus basic surfaces are ready before hand and that the cement being utilized is applied in the right way.

Packaging and paper industries major contributors to bio-based adhesive market in 2022, Ceresana reports

Posted on: A new market report from Ceresana has suggested that paper and packaging generated one-third of revenues for bio-based adhesives in 2022 and predicted a 3% growth for such products in Europe over the next ten years.

More than 165 participants attend Afera and IVK Webinar on new PCF calculation tool

Posted on: More than 165 participants from 90+ companies and organizations within the adhesives and adhesive tapes industry attended the first in the series of 4 workshops on Product Carbon Footprint (PCF), which was held online on 6 June 2023.

Ahlstrom introduces new release liners for pressure-sensitive tapes with recycled and unbleached fibers

Posted on: Ahlstrom further broadens its range of release papers by introducing new products that support the design of more sustainable double-sided Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (PSA) tapes.

Ancient tech boosts tape's adhesive strength, but leaves it easy to peel

Posted on: Ordinarily, adhesive tape either boasts a strong hold or is easy to remove.

Afera Releases New Position Paper: Impact of Release Paper Liner Colour on Material Circularity

Posted on: Afera, the European adhesive tape association, has released a new position paper “Colour of paper release liner of adhesive tapes: Impact on material circularity” as part of the work undertaken by the Waste Management Workstream of Afera’s Flagship Sustainability Project (AFSP).

Clever design makes sticky tape that's strong but easily removed

Posted on: A ‘shocklingly simple’ design based on kirigami, the Japanese art of paper cutting, makes sticky tape 60 times stronger, but easy to peel off in one direction

Eco-design of adhesive tapes: Afera sustainability story published for German engineers

Posted on: Afera’s sustainability story on the “Eco-Design of Adhesive Tapes” has been published in the latest issue of the German-language technical magazine DICHT!.

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