E.U. Packaging Regulation according to 4evergreen alliance: What's the latest?

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As we enter 2024, 'trilogue’ discussions – between the European Council, European Parliament and European Commission – are now underway towards reaching a consensus on the final text of the EU's landmark Packaging and Packaging Waste Regulation (PPWR).

As part of the efforts to foster sustainable packaging solutions, along with the need for establishing a harmonised EU-wide approach, the European Commission put forth a proposal for EU’s packaging regulation in November 2022, with the mission to:

  • Reduce and prevent the generation of packaging waste in the EU;
  • Harmonise the internal packaging market;
  • Drive the pursuit of a Circular Economy in a cost-efficient way.

Packaging is a crucial component of the European Circular Economy journey, and paper packaging stands out as a recyclable, renewable alternative. Read



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