Mr. Miguel Arnedo Cortijo, founder of MIARCO, has passed away

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The Valencian entrepreneur Mr. Miguel Arnedo Cortijo, founder and president of the Valencian company MIARCO, passed away on Monday, April 8th, at the age of 83.

Mr. Arnedo was born in 1940 and founded MIARCO in 1969 as a company specialised in the manufacture and transformation of adhesive tapes.

Since its beginnings, the company has been committed to innovation, distributing insulating tapes and box-sealing tapes, two extremely innovative solutions for 1969. Mr. Miguel's entrepreneurial spirit and business vision led projects like the MIARCO factory, opened in 1987 in Fuente del Jarro business park. This milestone exemplifies the industrialization of conversion processes.

In 2006, Mr. Arnedo handed over the management of MIARCO to his son Miguel Arnedo García-Guzmán. Driven by this generational change, the company's internationalization process began. Mr. Miguel actively support resulted in the creation in 2008 of MIARCO's subsidiary in Shanghai. After that, the international process continued with the opening of commercial offices in Morocco and Portugal. He also supported the joint venture that led to our plant in India, inaugurated in 2018. Recently, he promoted the acquisition of a new warehouse in Fuente del Jarro, aimed to expand the current factory.

His restless and tireless spirit kept him regularly visiting the headquarters. He was also strongly involved in some projects for which his market knowledge and business vision were vital.
Mr. Arnedo has built MIARCO on solid values such as customer orientation, excellence, ethics, results focus, and team spirit. Values that will continue through his son and current CEO of the company, Miguel Arnedo García-Guzmán.

Mr. Arnedo Cortijo leaves an unforgettable mark both in business and personally. All of us, who are part of the MIARCO family will always remember him with great affection and admiration.

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