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Business Development & Procurement Manager Kübra İlgen discusses AVX’s customer-oriented solutions for the industrial adhesive tapes and labels industry… with accurate, reliable, sustainable quality, fast service and an innovative approach

New Afera Member AVX Specialty Tapes / AVS Ambalaj ve Kağıt San. Tic. A.S. has been producing water-based acrylic adhesive double-sided tapes for roughly 11 years, and with its new line commissioned last year, the Turkish tapes manufacturer has also started producing silicone paper and self-adhesive labels. 

Their offering

Established in 2012 and located in Esenyurt (Istanbul), AVX has become one of the leading industrial adhesive tapes and labels manufacturers in Turkey by achieving a high standard of professionalism in a short time with top-quality, tailor-made solutions. “Developing new products in line with the needs of our customers with our R&D department and experienced staff, AVX works non-stop to formulate different adhesives and produces a wide range of products with advanced equipment, with customer needs in mind,” commented AVX Business Development and Procurement Manager Kübra İlgen. 

The company’s product range includes transfer, reinforced, foam, tissue and film tapes. They also carry out the production and sale of self-adhesive labels and silicone paper, along with double-sided tapes. The industrial adhesive tapes and labels are produced in accordance with international quality and safety standards with AVX’s quality-testing laboratory operating at every stage of production. Along with the domestic market, the Southern and Eastern Europe as well as U.K. markets are the AVX’s most important targets for exports. 

Their competitive edge

“First of all, we prepare our glue formulations in-house, and we also carry out special studies for our  customers on a project basis and offer tailor-made solutions,” explained Ms. İlgen. “We establish business partnerships based on trust with our customers with our fast and solution-oriented structure, which is always open to development and progress.”

Ms. İlgen, who started her career in the tapes industry working in a company which produces self-adhesive labels and double-sided and duct tapes, said that, as in all matters, although the basic principles remain the same concerning the adhesive tapes industry, changes are always occurring and trends evolving. “Keeping up with changes and being open to development is the most important factor that moves companies forward in general,” she shared. “At AVX, we try to keep up with market changes with our flexible structure which is open to continuous development and can adapt quickly.” AVX has achieved stable development with an innovative and competitive approach and aims for sustainable growth in its field.

The trends they see
Ms. İlgen shared the current and future trends she sees affecting the tapes manufacturing business:

  • Supply chain challenges. The problems and changes in the supply chain during and after the pandemic affected AVX as well as all sectors.
  • Customer expectations. Covid also created a change in customer expectations and trends. Like in the B2C sectors, producers for B2B such as AVX were also affected.
  • Sustainability and energy efficiency. Sustainability and related energy-consumption issues are among the most important issues concerning the entire tapes industry now and going forward.

On learning about Afera

As a company operating in the tapes sector, AVX has always followed Afera for its information on test methods, technical issues and sector development, and, according to Ms. İlgen, was waiting for the right time to become a Member. “We are looking to develop our technical knowledge, participate in the upcoming Tape College and other activities, work on expanding our network, and learn about innovations and other news.”

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