Spotlight on new Afera textile Supplier Member Teixits Torné SL

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Torné Grup CEO Eli Torné discusses manufacturing cotton gauze for industrial use, supplying fabrics and reinforcement gauzes for tape backings for nearly 30 years, and the importance of becoming an Afera Member.

Specialising in cotton gauze, diversifying its product range early

New Afera textile Supplier Member Teixits Torné SL was founded in 1968 by Joan Torné Pons, later taken over by his son Mateu Torné, and is now run by the third generation of the family. Because of a failing textile sector, the company initially specialised in manufacturing cotton gauze for sanitary use. They then applied their know-how to manufacturing gauze for industrial use in 1975 and then fabrics and reinforcement gauzes specifically for the adhesive tape industry in 1996. This includes reinforcing fabric for applications such as duct, double-sided, cloth and other adhesive tapes.

Teixits Torné is headquartered in the town of Sant Feliu Sasserra, which is in the province of Barcelona, Spain. Here they operate three lines: a primary one for gauze for industrial use and two others for fashion and food applications. The company’s facilities are composed of three industrial plants, two of which are used for production, where they have looms and auxiliary machines, and a third as a warehouse with a total of 2,000 m2 for storing the product. Their production process consists of the following stages: warping, sizing, weaving and finishing.

“Our specialty is cotton gauze, although we can manufacture gauze with other raw materials such as polyester,” said Eli Torné, CEO of Torné Grup. “Our fabrics can range in weight from 13 to 100 grams/m2, but we adapt to the weights requested by our clients.” 

Their competitive edge

Teixits Torné’s experience and expertise allows them to produce each of their products according to customer specifications. “We have applied our knowhow to the process of creating specific fabric structures for reinforcement in the adhesive tape industry and other applications, allowing us to adapt to the diverse processes and needs of the market,” Ms. Torné explained. “There is no single gauze fabric, but according to the specifications required in each process, we create a special fabric, of which we guarantee its adaptation to the production process applied.” 

The company’s machinery is specially designed to manufacture their fabrics. They offer long-length rolls without splices up to 220 cm wide, adjusting the grammage, raw material, width, length, and fabric structure to guarantee the correct performance of the product when integrated into the final product.

Their real competitive advantage? Teixits Torné offers a localised and sustainable product, personalisation, and adaptation of products according to the needs and specifications of each customer. In order to guarantee the conformation of their gauze to the production channels of each adhesive company, the company offers free advice and monitoring of the internal and external processes of each customer. “We perform a thorough follow-up on all our products: from the design and development of the new fabric and its manufacture to the results and performance of its use by our customer,” Ms. Torné explained.  

The trends they see

Ms. Torné shared the current and future trends she sees affecting the tapes manufacturing business:

  • Evolution, change. Since the origins of the company, the textile sector has been in constant technological evolution. This makes Teixits Torné’s challenge a clear commitment to R&D to enable them to keep up with current trends in market demands and requirements.
  • Importance of innovation. The company has grown steadily through investment in innovation and technology to meet the demands of clients to provide solutions fitting their needs. They have obtained excellent results in the innovation of new fabrics, designs and finishes, as well as in their effectiveness and efficiency in responding to customer demands.
  • Sustainability. There is a greater awareness of the importance of sustainability in each product Teixits Torné manufactures. The company is increasing its sustainability by the day, achieving the development of new products with clients in this vein.

On learning about Afera

“We heard about Afera through our adhesives clients,” recalls Ms. Torné. “Our main motivation in becoming a Member of Afera is the wide range of possibilities, connections and synergies with other companies in the tapes sector that it can offer us.” She explained that they at Teixits Torné believe direct contact with all adhesives companies can be very interesting for researching (R&D), innovating and creating new products which are sustainable.

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