Afera test methods

afera test methods image technologyThe Association publishes the Afera Test Methods Manual, the contents of which have been developed, edited and provided as a resource for the European adhesive tape industry. The 130-page publication includes the most current test methods, a glossary of terms and a comparative table categorising Afera’s test methods and their corresponding CEN (European Committee for Standardisation), ISO (International Organisation for Standardisation), and PSTC (Pressure Sensitive Tape Council - North America) methods.

Currently Afera is focused on creating a new generation of standards, e.g. involving the trends of sustainability and upcoming regulation, regularly surveying Technical Committee Members to determine the most important issues and themes of TM development. Work is proceeding on the Dynamic Shear, Peel Adhesion and Alternative to Static Shear TMs.


Press release: Afera launches 2023 edition of Test Methods Manual
Complete Afera test methods (for members only - login required)
Purchase the Afera Test Methods Manual (for non-members)
List of Afera test methods
Contact your local standardisation institute (for members only) to obtain CEN adhesive test methods in your local language
Creating and adopting European and global test methods for adhesive tape
Accuracy of methods
Round robin testing of test methods




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