Exclusive market data: APEJ to be largest market for gummed tapes during 2017-2027

Global gummed tapes market
Gummed tapes market: Data, insights, trends & impact analysis of factors governing global demand & revenue growth during 2017–2027

  • By the end of 2027, global market volume of gummed tapes is estimated to be pegged at 1.605 million square metres (msm)
  • Sales of gummed tapes in 2017 stood at US $934.9 million. The global market is estimated to reach a valuation of US $1,602.8 million by 2027. An increase of 1.7X in revenue is projected during the period 2017–2027
  • CAGR growth is estimated at 5.5% in terms of value and 4.9% in terms of volume
  • Increasing cross-border trade will fuel revenue growth of the global gummed tapes market in the coming decade
  • Growing concerns pertaining to mounting global plastic waste is another key revenue driver
  • Temper evident sealing of boxes and a growing emphasis on the usage of biodegradable products is currently trending the global market for gummed tapes
  • Manufacturers are expanding their facilities in emerging markets; in this context, the Asia Pacific Excluding Japan (APEJ) region is likely to offer the most lucrative growth opportunities to gummed tapes manufacturers
  • Among backing material types, fibre-reinforced gummed tapes will continue to dominate the global market both by value and by volume; a market share of 94.4% estimated by the end of 2027 puts the fibre-reinforced gummed tapes segment at the top of the global market attractiveness index
  • Brown gummed tape is the leading product type with a market share of 85.4% recorded at the end of 2017; brown tapes are natural and are the most commonly used gummed tapes in the global market
  • Starch-based adhesives (commonly made from corn starch) are preferred over water-based acrylic adhesives
  • Gummed tapes find increasing application in box and carton sealing, and this segment will lead the application category with a market share of more than 85% in the coming decade
  • Among end-use industries, gummed tapes are extensively used in the shipping and logistics industry; significant traction is expected in the consumer goods and general industrial sector in the coming years.

Future Market Insights has studied the global gummed tapes market for a 10-year period from 2017 to 2027 and has published useful insights and findings specifically for the benefit of Afera Members. Key market features and growth trends have been studied and detailed market size and volume forecasts presented for different segments of the global market during the assessment period.

According to the research analysis, the global market for gummed tapes is likely to witness favourable growth in the next 10 years. Emerging economies – specifically the countries in the Asia Pacific region – are likely to be the sweet spot in the coming years, given the rising infrastructural development, a growing manufacturing industry, and advancements in several end-use industries in the Asia Pacific Excluding Japan (APEJ) region, leading to a growth in consumption of gummed tapes.

Global market forecast (2017 – 2027)

From a valuation of US $891.50 million in 2016, revenue from the sales of gummed tapes is estimated to reach US $1,602.80 by 2027. This translates to an incremental opportunity of US $668 million between 2017 and 2027.

Market value chainSegmentation of the global gummed tapes market

Future Market Insights has divided the study of the global gummed tapes market into 6 key market segments: backing material type, product type, adhesive type, end-use industry, application, and region.

Fibre-reinforced gummed tape most preferred backing material type

While studying the different material types used to manufacture gummed tapes, Future Market Insights has identified 2 main types: paper-gummed tape and fibre-reinforced gummed tape. A higher-per-unit cost puts the fibre-reinforced gummed tape segment at the very top of the global market in terms of revenue share – in excess of 90% to be witnessed throughout the period of forecast 2017–2027. Increasing use of fibre-reinforced gummed tapes to seal heavy duty boxes is the primary factor boosting revenue growth of this backing material type. On the other hand, paper-based gummed tapes have a very low revenue share: less than 6% estimated by the end of 2027.

Brown gummed tape product type to lead in terms of demand and revenue

White gummed tape and brown gummed tape are the two main types of gummed tapes used in the global market. Future Market Insights anticipates brown gummed tapes to lead the global market both in terms of value as well as volume. Brown gummed tapes find increasing preference among end-use industries over white gummed tapes. With a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.7% in terms of value and 5.1% in terms of volume, brown gummed tapes will record the fastest growth during the study period.

Starch-based adhesive type to remain dominant

Two main types of adhesives used in gummed tapes are starch-based adhesives and water-based acrylic adhesives. Demand for starch-based adhesives is projected to remain at an all-time high, with a revenue share just under 97% estimated by the end of 2027.

Shipping & logistics end-use industry to grow at the fastest pace

The various end-use industries that use gummed tapes include shipping and logistics, food and beverages, oil and gas, metalworking, electrical and electronics, general industrial, automotive, building and construction, healthcare and hygiene, and consumer goods. According to Future Market Insights analysis, increasing demand for gummed tapes is anticipated to come in from the shipping and logistics industry. With a CAGR of 6.6%, the shipping and logistics end-use industry is the largest in terms of revenue in the global gummed tapes market, with a revenue share of 21.6% estimated by 2027. The general industrial and consumer goods industries are also picking up fast in terms of adoption of gummed tapes, and significant traction can be anticipated in these sectors in the coming years.

Adoption of gummed tapes in box & carton sealing to witness notable increase

Gummed tapes find application in box and carton sealing and splicing. Of these, gummed tapes are extensively used in box and carton sealing and are custom printed to suit the specific requirements of end-use industries. Demand for gummed tapes for box and carton sealing is forecast to be pegged at 1,441 msm by the end of 2027.

APEJ most attractive regional market for sales of gummed tapes

Seven top geographies have been tracked in this study. These key regions include North America, Latin America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, APEJ, Japan, and the Middle East and Africa. The gummed tapes market is predicted to register exponential growth in the APEJ region, with China and India constituting a large share of the APEJ regional market. North America is projected to take the second position in the global market in terms of revenue – with a market value share of just under 25% estimated by 2027. Gummed tapes manufacturers would be advised to target the lucrative local markets in APEJ, as the region is anticipated to witness the fastest growth in demand and sales of gummed tapes in the coming decade.

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