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Tape market
Evert Smit reveals his views and AWA its data on the current post-2020 market
Afera exclusive: AWA Alexander Watson Associates assesses the current pressure-sensitive specialty tapes market
Noted U.S. economist shares his outlook on the impact of the COVID-19 crisis
AWA Global Specialty Pressure-Sensitive Tape Market Study 2019: discounted + special Europe edition for Afera Members
Afera President’s key takeaways from the PSTC’s 2019 Tape Summit
Exclusive preview: 2019 PSA tape and specialty tape market data and trends (AWA)
Exclusive market insight: Global duct tapes market report (Future Market Insights)
Exclusive market data: flatback tapes market report (Future Market Insights)
Exclusive market data: electric vehicles & e-commerce to drive adhesive tape films adoption (Persistence Market Research)
Exclusive market data: global masking tapes market report (Future Market Insights)
Interview with Nitto EMEA President & CEO Sam Strijckmans
PSA tape market data and trends: 2016 Freedonia Study
Exclusive market data: APEJ to be largest market for gummed tapes during 2017-2027 (Future Market Insights)
Exclusive market data: pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) tapes market global forecast to 2022 (MarketsandMarkets)
Hot melt adhesives market revenue to surpass USD 10 billion by 2024 (Global Market Insights)
Tape markets in Asia: critical data and trends
Global, European specialty tape markets in 2016: critical data and trends (AWA)
PSTC releases tape usage report
Global, European specialty tape markets & growth opportunities 2016 (AWA)
Still an age of instability? Europe & the global economy
Market trends and statistics (Freedonia)
Global, European specialty tape markets & growth opportunities 2012 (AWA)
The future of growth 
The current European & Italian economic outlook
Market study on joining methods in consumer electronics

Raw materials 
Update on the changing environment of PSA tape raw materials
Raw materials for the adhesive industry: trends and challenges
Latest H.B. Fuller global raw materials report
Global adhesives raw materials market report
How to survive the contraction of adhesive raw material supply

Value chain 
Vertical integration for tape manufacturers: from adhesion formulation to finished product
How can suppliers become a real source of value creation?

Regulatory affairs
Afera's guide to regulatory affairs for tape
Current and future chemicals regulation affecting the tape business

Content marketing
Online video marketing for tape value chain companies
How to create personas and map content to the buyer journey
Creating a quality content marketing strategy in a large B2B enterprise in 10 steps
Re-engineering marketing communications in a content-driven world
B2B content marketing strategy for tape businesses


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