Exclusive market data: electric vehicles & e-commerce to drive adhesive tape films adoption

Subject to progressive designs and technological conformations, adhesive tape films are being increasingly considered across various end-use industries and applications. Innovations and technological advancements have broadened the scope of application of adhesive tape films. Manufacturers are investing in innovation and structured research, and product development to cater to diverse demands—specifically raised by the automotive industry. Additionally, the growing use of small-sized and lighter electronic devices that require flexible, less-expensive packaging materials is likely to further drive the market for adhesive tape films.

Despite slow economic growth, Asia Pacific has maintained sustainable growth in the automotive market and is estimated to lead the global market for adhesive tape films—with consumer goods such as furniture and footwear witnessing increased adoption of adhesive tape films in the region. Peel strength, tensile strength, and dielectric strength are some paramount properties that define the functionality of adhesive tape films. Growth drivers going forward include consumer confidence in retail.

Economical & effective adhesive tape films find significant adoption in several industrial processes

Alternatives available to engineers for various industrial processes involving fastening and joining have profoundly increased. From attaching the lid of an electronic device to manufacturing automobiles, adhesive tape films are increasingly helping engineers to implement assembly projects more efficiently. Adhesive tape films can also double as effective and economical solutions when it comes to providing extra shielding from moisture and temperature, controlled flexibility of the cable, and dielectric insulation.

Additional specialty adhesive tape films are designed to be flame retardant, highly conformable and resistant to UV, fluids, abrasion, corrosion – maintaining flexibility and adherence in cold weather. Manufacturers of adhesive tape films supply a variety of other tapes including pressure sensitive tapes, also called self adhesive tapes that are specifically used as high tolerance masking materials, mostly for soldering operations of electronic assemblies. Pressure sensitive tapes provide excellent dielectric strength and reliable dimensional and thermal stability, along with superior tensile strength. Adhesive tape films offer secure masking even to the most irregular shapes and intricate details. Available in transparent and coloured films format, glossy and engraved double-sided tapes are anticipated to witness elevated adoption in cosmetic application in the coming years.

Escalating electric vehicle manufacturing to significantly drive adhesive tape films adoption

The announcement of diesel and petrol cars being banned in Britain by 2040 has dramatically pushed the automotive sector in the region to embrace new technology: electrified mobility. Key market leaders operating in Europe believe that transition to electric vehicles must happen sooner. Technologically advancement adhesive tape films are anticipated to become a key component in the future of the automotive industry. The reduced cost of adopting adhesive tape films by manufacturers is likely to have an impact on the cost of electric vehicles.

Adhesive tape films are likely to find elevated adoption in various joining processes on the body of the car including the interior and exterior ends of the vehicle. This would eliminate the need for welding and remove appearance of bumps made by nuts and screws, producing better aesthetics in the finished product. Using adhesive tape films is also likely to reduce the weight of the electric vehicle – having a significant impact on fuel economy, sustainability, and overall performance.

Most importantly, however, user safety is paramount considering the heat and voltage generated by electric car batteries. Innovative double-sided tape and special adhesive tape films would ensure that no power surges can occur owing to their high tolerance properties and temperature resistance. Adhesive tapes films offer a clear advantage over conventional mechanical joining technologies, owing to the continuing demand to minimise vehicular weight. Additionally, as the demand for products with low waste levels increases, adhesive tape films will fulfil the requirement of ultra-high-tensile strength and uniform-web flatness, combined with high-speed production.

E-commerce penetration to push adhesive tape films adoption for packaging

Transparent heat-sealable films are preferred as base films for pressure sensitive tapes in the packaging industry. Adhesive tape films are widely used due to their flatness, gloss, and clarity. Adhesive tape films are increasingly used in the packaging industry for many bundling and sealing applications, in addition to merchandising, labelling and shipping goods. Increase in e-commerce applications is expected to be a key driver for the growth of the global adhesive tape films market. Most of the demand for adhesive tape films is expected to be generated from the lucrative Asia Pacific region in the upcoming years, with e-commerce slowly taking over brick and mortar retail format.

Adhesive tape films are used in packaging tapes for carton sealing, tamper evidence, strapping, duct tape applications, and reclosable fastening. Clear adhesive tape films enable excellent brand advertising, and are anticipated to be highly preferred by logistics service providers for heavy-duty shipping. The higher the tensile strength provided by the adhesive tape films, the better the tape quality. The outlook for the growth of the global adhesive tape films market in packaging applications is expected to be largely positive in the coming years.

Market dynamics of adhesive tape films: bi-axially oriented polypropylene to be a highly profitable material type

Globally, in the adhesive tape films market, bi-axially oriented polypropylene films (BOPP) have become an essential materials sector, and the global market for BOPP is likely to be driven by the necessity for flexible packaging in the near future. BOPP films are increasingly preferred owing to their high tensile strength and impressive machinability. The physical and functional aspects of adhesive tape films reflect numerous dynamics such as printability, film clarity, high gloss, and machinability. High growth in the global pressure sensitive tapes market is anticipated to drive the global market for adhesive tape films.

Manufacturers are recognising investment opportunities in the pressure sensitive application segment of the global adhesive tape films market. Adhesive tape films including opaque, semitransparent and transparent, are anticipated to witness increased supply in the market. Owing to their high clarity features, transparent films are the most preferred by end consumers, specifically for manufacturing of the pressure sensitive tapes. Protected films and double-sided films are anticipated to witness increased adoption in the consumer electronics and automobile segments.

Some key players operating in the global adhesive tape films market include 3M Company, Avery Dennison Corporation, Henkel AG & Company KGaA, Intertape Polymer Group, Klöckner Pentaplast Group, Lintec Corporation, tesa SE, Scapa Group Plc, Lohmann GmbH & Co.KG, Berry Global Inc., and Advance Tapes International Limited. Production capacity expansion and geographical expansion for a stronger global footprint are some key growth strategies of adhesive tape films supermajors.

Final thoughts

Manufacturers of adhesive tape films are increasingly using nano metal coatings in keeping with the continuous technological advances hitting the global market. The sheets of fibre are coated with a high-quality nano-scale metal film, including nonwoven fabrics, knitted materials, and textiles. Using thin and identical metal coatings has the potential to create greatly functional fibres with much added value. To meet the functional requirement of adhesive tapes, manufacturers are continually evaluating the tensile strength of adhesive tape films. R&D activities conducted by the manufacturers of adhesive tapes are further shaping the future market for adhesive tape films.

The above insights have been sourced from an extensive ongoing research study on the adhesive tape films market by Persistence Market Research.

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