Exclusive market insight: organisational branding and self-medication applications to intensify demand for duct tapes

Duct tapes continue to grow as viable solutions for fastening and joining applications, further emerging as key commodities in situations requiring robust and flexible taping solutions. One of the biggest advantages of duct tapes are their durability, which makes them a staple across household as well as industrial applications. Moreover, duct tapes are highly water-resistant, making them an ideal solution in plumbing applications.

Manufacturers of duct tapes are striving to enhance the efficiency of their products in order to restore end-user confidence in their product lines. Furthermore, prominent stakeholders in the duct tapes market are consistently investing in R&D activities to enable large-scale diversification of current products and to trigger the permeation of new products with user-centric specifications.

Several factors, such as surface, location, and duration of use, are crucial and have deep-rooted influences on the performance of duct tapes. Sturdiness and cost-effectiveness are 2 of the biggest advantages of duct tapes, which make them highly relied-upon for a multitude of applications across manufacturing industries. Duct tapes, on account of their high tensile strength and water resistance, are one of the widely preferred tapes for use in sealing, splicing and seaming applications.

Technological advancement remains the harbinger of a massive influx of new products with upgraded features in the market space. The demand for duct tape is poised to ride the coattails of rapid industrialisation, wherein it is emerging as strong and reliable solution to cater to diverse job requirements. Asia Pacific except Japan (APEJ) remains the most lucrative market region with financially-rewarding opportunities for key stakeholders in the duct tapes market. Thriving industrialisation and the resurgence of global trade activities are some of the crucial factors creating favourable circumstances for the APEJ duct tapes market to grow at a meteoric pace.

Co-extruded variants with superior mechanical capabilities to witness robust demand

The manufacturing of duct tape usually falls into either of 2 broad categories: lamination and co-extrusion. Whereas lamination was the conventional and only known method for manufacturing in the past, embracement of innovative technologies has brought about a shift toward a ‘co-extrusion’ process for producing duct tapes. Co-extruded duct tapes are gaining popularity across packaging and bundling applications due to their strength and resistance to de-lamination when subject to weather and stress, unlike laminated variants.

The seamless construction of co-extruded duct tapes ameliorate their strength, making them an ideal choice in multifaceted applications. While laminated duct tapes are available in a wide range of colours and designs, co-extruded duct tapes are typically found in solid colour options. The adoption of co-extruded duct tapes, however, is increasing due to their mechanical abilities, high tensile strength and minimum risk of failure amid environmental adversities.

Branding schemes trigger adoption of custom printed duct tapes

Available in a large selection of customised widths, lengths, and colours, duct tapes are seeing increased adoption across various packaging industries. Custom duct tapes serve as a superior promotional or giveaway medium, offering the convenience of accommodating designs and logos for continual brand recognition. Packaging industries are actively embracing duct tapes to foster their brand equity—both in appeal and presentation—to remain notable in the highly fragmented duct tapes manufacturing landscape dominated by small and medium-sized players.

Duct tapes are also gaining prominence for their application for security purposes. Packaging industries use duct tapes for reinforcing packages to ensure the security of the content and to deter tampering during transit. Duct tapes are also used in packaging to convey handling instructions to customers, helping to mitigate the risks of injury and error. Packaging companies use duct tapes to communicate vendor contact details to end users. Thus duct tapes have evolved as a highly versatile and cost-effective branding tool, the demand for which likely to reach new heights in the coming years.

Utility in emergency medical assistance to push sales

With already extensive usage across a wide range of industrial and household applications, duct tapes are also seeing greater incorporation in medical applications. Duct tapes are used for taping joints and bones in the case of sprains and other bone injuries as they offer support and minimise movement. Additionally, duct tapes are used by athletes for taping ankles for injury prevention as they allow immense flexibility while offering strong support. Applications as such are likely to bolster the adoption of duct tapes for medical uses, offering considerable savings in terms of both time and money for patients.Global Duct Tapes Market

One of the major applications fostering the popularity of duct tapes is the treatment of warts, a condition involving the formation of unusual bumps on the skin. The treatment of warts by using duct tapes has been supported as an effective therapy by a number of studies, resulting in increasing customer confidence in the process known as duct tape occlusion therapy (DTOT). Furthermore, some trials have found that patients adopting DTOT witness significant clearance of warts compared to cryotherapy.

DIY crafts create a substantial revenue stream for duct tapes

As duct tapes are available in multiple colours, they are widely used in do-it-yourself crafts and diverse decorative applications. From creating flowers to décor items, duct tapes are increasingly used to convert ordinary items and daily accessories into marvellous pieces of art. This new field of crafts, widely known as duct tape crafts, has been emerging, wherein duct tapes are used for the creation and adornment of a vast range of items.

Apart from this, duct tapes are also sought-after for the creation of beautiful platforms meant for flaunting various decoration items. Adding duct tapes in the form of embellishments to boost the appeal of accessories such as vases and statues is also going mainstream, fostering the demand for duct tapes in craft-based applications.

Product diversification underpins growth of duct tapes market

Manufacturers of duct tapes are focused on studying the end-user proclivity to offer a wide range of user-oriented products. Producers are vying to offer duct tape products with high tensile strength, superlative holding power and the competency to withstand the rigours of the job. The waterproof backing of duct tapes remains highly valued by end users, compelling manufacturing companies to focus on this aspect to come up with enhanced versions with every new product.Global Duct Tapes Market

In line with the specifications of diverse projects involving the use of duct tapes, manufacturers continually experiment with a wide range of colours and strengths to provide the best user experiences. Incessant efforts to offer adaptable and efficient products are likely to create favourable circumstances for the manufacturing companies of duct tapes to scale up their market footprint.

Leading producers in the market place are also focused on differentiating themselves from their competitors with their unmatched capabilities to provide products with high-compatibility that are delivered using robust technical expertise. Development methods, mapping, customised product development and global support capabilities are key in solidifying the presence of manufacturing companies in the end-user marketplace.

For instance, 3M, a leading manufacturer of duct tapes, continues to emphasise environmental stewardship through regulatory compliance and development of quality products using responsible methodologies. By taking note of the new-age customers’ dynamic needs, 3M continues to focus on crafting distinguishable products to retain its buoyancy in the duct tapes marketplace. The products developed and marketed by 3M are widely acknowledged as the best in hand tearability, superior tensile strength and excellent conformability.

The above insights have been sourced from an extensive ongoing research study on the duct tapes market by Future Market Insights.

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