Regulatory affairs

One of the first concerns of many businesses in the European adhesive tape value chain is knowing about, participating in and complying with new and developing regulations. Afera’s latest strategy for regulation and political positioning includes raising knowledge and awareness of regulatory legislative developments and other public affairs issues among our Member Companies, increasing relevant direct or indirect influence with regulatory bodies and teaming up with associations in adjacent technologies. This is carried out by the Association’s dedicated Regulatory Affairs Manager, Pablo Englebienne.

A chemistry specialist with a deep understanding of requirements for chemicals regulatory compliance, Mr. Englebienne monitors all chemical and tape-related regulations pertaining to the European tape industry in close co-operation with European authorities, liaising and negotiating with regulatory stakeholders where possible and necessary. This includes collaborating with chemical and environmental organisations and working groups such as ECHA (The European Chemicals Agency), CEFIC (The European Chemical Industry Council), FEICA (The European Adhesive and Sealant Industry Association), the Bundesumweltamt Berlin (The German Environment Agency), the VCI (The German Chemical Industry Association), IVK (The German Adhesives Association) and their working groups and other E.U. experts groups in Brussels. He also lobbies to influence standards for Afera Member Companies’ operating procedures and business operations policies, co-operating closely with all Member Company regulatory departments.

“My goal is to advise Members concerning chemicals management regulations: how they can remain compliant, monitor changes that could affect them and prepare for upcoming challenges,” explains Mr. Englebienne. “I also focus on sustainability issues, ensuring that the Association works towards the E.U. Green Deal and achieves the recyclability goals.”

With the support of Afera’s Regulatory Affairs Working Group (Reg-WG) made up of Members along the adhesive tape value chain, Mr. Englebienne actively monitors and participates in the following legislative areas and initiatives:

Sustainability initiatives
European Green Deal 
Circular Economy Action Plan
E.U. Plastics Strategy 
Sustainable Products Initiative
Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability

REACH and CLP Regulations 
Polymer registration
Ethanol reproductive toxicity classification proposal
Restriction of diisocyanates

Waste legislation updates
Waste framework directive (WFD) & Packaging and packaging waste directive (PPWD) 
Harmonisation of extended producer responsibility schemes 

Compliance requirements
Environmental product declarations (EPDs)
SCIP database notification 
BREF national implementation 
Mineral oil restrictions

Plastic-based own resource (“plastic tax”) 
Update of Food Contact Materials Regulation 

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