Afera and sustainability

Afera’s 55th Annual Conference held in Madrid in October 2012 was themed “Sustainability”. Click here to read a comprehensive article on the event, including summaries of all ten presentations covering sustainability as it relates to the adhesive tape industry:


  • Coatings: Acrylic monomers from biomass
  • Can sustainable banking be a solution towards an upswing of the economy in Europe?
  • Still using Excel or even a white board to plan your processes? Quintiq’s supply chain planning software increases efficiency
  • High tech & eco-friendly: what does that mean? Resource efficiency. Fast-moving countries, industries & companies will be the real game winners
  • Look at tapes as enablers of sustainable solutions
  • Bio films: How sustainable does our industry want to be?
  • What does sustainability mean for a pulp producer in Canada?
  • Secondary fibres: A new fibre source for tapes?
  • Avery Dennison’s Greenprint programme
  • Corporate social responsibility and sustainable development to drive innovation.


Afera’s action

Not only do adhesive tapes and films contribute to automation and labour-saving in processes, but they support sustainability policies with ever environmentally friendlier formulations and efficient, lightweight, durable alternatives to mechanical fasteners and wet glues.

In addition to contributing to the revision of the BREF Surface Treatment Using Organic Solvents under the Industrial Emissions Directive (IED) , and monitoring the new Substances of Very High Concern (SVHC) candidate list under the CoRAP (community rolling action plan) process through our member companies , Afera is currently studying the possibility of launching a programme or initiative focussing on the environmental benefits of tape usage.

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