Market study on joining methods in consumer electronics

With the goal of making as many decision-makers familiar with alternative bonding methods as possible, Afera commissioned a market study offering valuable insight into the engineering of consumer electronics. The study offers detailed technical market analysis of joining methods in consumer electronics, identifying those currently used, the reasons for their selection, and the unmet needs related to current joining methods. The data is based on primary research conducted with experts in the consumer electronics industry, chiefly design and mechanical engineers. Mechanical joining methods, i.e., fasteners (screws) and integral joints (snap fit), are predominantly used in consumer electronics.

The interesting result of the study: Current general awareness of adhesive tape used as a joining method in consumer electronics is relatively low at 63%. Only 30% of those who are familiar with adhesive tape currently use tapes as joining methods. Cost is not the number-one factor in determining use. Thus there is a clear need to raise the level of awareness of adhesive tape for use as a joining method in segments such as consumer electronics in order to grow the market for tape.

Download the market study here.
Download the selection tool for comparing joining methods here.
PSTC releases tape usage report

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