Medical application: Tape on the operating table

Proper adhesion of surgical draping helps to keep patients free from surgical site infections 

Getting on an operating table can be scary for people for various reasons. Not to scare you even more, even though doctors do a tremendous job in executing the surgeries, there are risks of trans- and post-operative infections. These infections have always been a serious problem for the patient's health and an important cost-driver for the health care industry. Naturally, high hygiene standards and a proper sterile environment are of utmost importance in an operating room 

The risk of infections is high(er) because the open wound is exposed to aerosols containing bacteria. Originally, cotton cloths were used to cover the patient. As these cloths are not proper barriers against microorganisms, for example bacteria could access the body. Increased awareness of surgical site infections (SSI’s) results in ever growing demand for high quality products protecting both patients and the surgical staff.  

The tape industry has been working closely with surgical draping manufacturers, large hospitals and medical care institutions since 1980 to reduce surgical site infections and increase the quality of medical consumables. By ensuring proper sterile surgical operating field which is set out by adhesive drapes, the probability of SSI’s is significantly reduced while keeping the patient dry (and warm). 

Afbeelding met tekstAutomatisch gegenereerde beschrijvingThe tape industry offers top quality self-adhesive products for single-use and reusable surgical covering materials such as OR-tapes, inserts, die-cuts, OR-strips and related products. For example, OR-tapes used for applying surgical drapes to the patient’s skin in order to create a sterile and hygienic operating field. Inserts and die-cut’sare very practical for manufacturers and reprocessors of surgical draping materials since the inserts can easily be taped over the tailored contoursof the drape. OR-strips come into play when OR-staff need to attach surgical drapings to one another or when attaching cables or similar accessories to the drapings. All this is made possible and simple by self-adhesive products! 

By working together the various parties in the health care space have significantly benefited from the use of tape. Tape producers remain in close contact with all parties and are able to provide customized products making sure continuous innovations keeps resulting in a reduced number of SSI’s, thus, contributing to a safer world. Next to safety, sustainability is also high on the agenda for tape manufacturers. The use of reusable systems provides environmental benefits and a lower carbon footprint, thus contributing towards a more sustainable future 

To find out more on how the tape industry is contributing to the medical industry, have a look at some of Afera's members applications and products: 

Courtesy pictures: Unsplash (image 1), SMG (image 2 & 3) 


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